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Malware detection and removal: An examination of personal anti-virus software

SoHo users are increasingly faced with the dilemma of applying appropriate security mechanisms to their computer with little or no knowledge of which countermeasure will deal with which potential threat. As problematic as it may seem for individuals to apply appropriate safeguards, individuals with malicious intent are advancing methods by which malicious software may operate undetected on a target host. Previous research has identified that there are numerous ways in which malware may go undetected on a target workstation. This paper examines the quality of malware removal programs currently available on the market, which consumers may use whilst utilising the Internet. The research suggests that current anti-virus products, whilst able to detect most recently released malware, still fall short of eliminating the malware and returning the system to its original state. The paper does not compare or disclose potential flaws within each product; rather it depicts the current state of anti-virus products.

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