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Internet of Things: Security and privacy issues and possible solution

This paper explores how commonly used communication methods and information retrieval, typically carried out over the Internet via a variety of smart devices, can inadvertently transform the Internet into a hazardous platform due to its inherent propensity to make users’ identities easily traceable. It also delves into countermeasures that can be employed to thwart existing and anticipated security breaches. The study begins by presenting an overview of technological advancements and the pervasive role of the Internet in our daily lives, along with its associated conveniences. It subsequently addresses the vulnerabilities of Internet services, showcases some typical attack cases perpetrated via smart home appliances, and elaborates on the challenges of implementing security measures on such devices from technical, social, and practical perspectives. Finally, it proposes a suitable security model, presents relevant countermeasures for various attack scenarios, and elucidates why and how numerous stakeholders must collaborate for its commercial implementation.

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