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| 03/07/2021

Understanding the last line of defense: Human response to cyber security events

Summer Rebensky | Meredith Carroll | Andrew Nakushian | Maria Chaparro | Tricia Prior

Cybersecurity is an escalating concern in today’s technology-driven world, spanning consumer, corporate, and military domains. A literature review focused on human responses to cybersecurity incidents reveals a three-phase process in cybersecurity response:

1. Susceptibility Phase: This phase precedes an event and involves behaviors that influence vulnerability to cybersecurity incidents.

2. Detection Phase: This phase centers on identifying a cybersecurity event when it occurs.

3. Response Phase:This phase involves taking action in response to the cybersecurity event after its occurrence.

The objective of this study was to explore the human aspects of non-expert responses to cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents. Based on the literature, a framework was developed to address this issue. The study also provides recommendations for enhancing individuals’ preparedness to respond effectively to cyber events.

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