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Human factors in the cyber security of autonomous vehicles: Trends in current research

The cybersecurity of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is a critical and developing research field in traffic safety. Given that human error is often the primary cause of successful cyberattacks, researchers in human factors and psychology could bolster AV cybersecurity by studying methods to lower the likelihood of such attacks. This paper reviews various research areas related to human factors in cybersecurity, highlighting several potential issues. Psychologists could examine the attributes of individuals susceptible to cybersecurity failures, the scenarios in which they falter, and the factors influencing such failures or excessive trust in AVs. Research could also focus on human behavior during cyberattacks and effective ways to educate people about cybersecurity. Since multitasking can affect the capacity to counter cyberattacks, policy-related studies are required. Human resources researchers could explore the skillsets needed for AV cybersecurity personnel and methods to identify potential defectors early. Understanding the psychological profiles of cyberattackers can assist in formulating policies to dampen their motivations. Lastly, the potential decline in driver skills due to AV usage and its relationship to cybersecurity skills warrants investigation.

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