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Human characteristics and genomic factors as behavioural aspects for cyber security

This work aims to hypothesise a possible holistic architecture for specific human behaviour factors involved in cyber security risks. A good cyber security habit could prevent incidents and protect against attacks. Habits are mostly initiated automatically. Therefore, they can dominate personal behavioural patterns under specific circumstances. Genetic heritability of impulsiveness is considered as moderate from 33% to 50%. Genomic data study of particular individuals can help identify one’s behaviour patterns and show the risks in cyber security for that individual. An individual risk profile could be generated by combining known genome variants linked to a trait of particular behaviour analysing molecular pathways of Dopamin, Serotonin, Catecholaminergic, GABAergic, neurons migration, Opioid, cannabinoid system and other addiction genes. Construction of a model strategy when including genomic information results for the specification of human behavioural characteristics might benefit towards higher risk assessment in cyber security processes.

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