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Examining the generational impact on risk: Internet of Things (IoT)

The purpose of this Causal-Comparative quantitative study was to develop an increased understanding of the different generations and how they perceive risk and to what extent they are comfortable using Fitbit devices in an everyday setting. This study was conducted via the Internet and SurveyMonkey Audience to provide a sample of 528 participants representing the continental United States. In each of the research questions, the researcher found evidence to support the alternate hypothesis that generational influences indeed exist in the knowledge, perception of risk, security, and usability of Fitbit devices. Opportunities exist for extending this research, both in the current Fitbit devices and Internet of Things devices. Future researchers could expand this study to include populations outside the United States to see if the other cultures impact this study differently. Another area to study is to examine the awareness of risk in addition to IoT devices.

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