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| 01/03/2022

What influences employees to follow security policies?

Carlos Tam | Carolina Conceição | Tiago Oliveira

Incorporating the Value of Congruence Model (VC), the Theory of Planned Behavior Model (TPB), and Security-Conscious Care Behavior, this study demonstrates that cybersecurity behavior can be effectively influenced through straightforward and cost-efficient measures. Such an approach offers substantial advantages to companies seeking to protect their assets. By analyzing data from 193 respondents, the research underscores that companies can foster adherence to their existing cybersecurity policies by prioritizing employee motivation, happiness, and job satisfaction.

Key findings from the study include:

1. Employee motivation, happiness, and job satisfaction play pivotal roles in encouraging cybersecurity compliance within organizations.

2. Information security awareness acts as a moderating factor in the relationship between subjective norms and behavioral intentions, underscoring the significance of cultivating awareness among employees.

3. Job satisfaction serves as a moderating factor in the relationship between behavioral intentions and actual security-conscious behavior.

These conclusions carry practical and theoretical implications, offering valuable insights into the factors that can positively influence cybersecurity behavior and emphasizing the importance of maintaining a conducive work environment conducive to security adherence.

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