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Report | Research library
| 01/01/2010

EAST: Four simple ways to apply behavioural insights

Owain Service | Michael Hallsworth | David Halpern | Felicity Algate | Rory Gallagher | Sam Nguyen | Simon Ruda | Michael Sanders with Marcos Pelenur | Alex Gyani | Hugo Harper | Joanne Reinhard | Elspeth Kirkman

Following extensive engagement with policy makers through lectures, seminars, workshops, and discussions, the UK government’s Behavioral Insights Team has distilled years of insights into a simplified framework designed to promote behavioral change. According to their approach, to facilitate the adoption of a new behavior, it should align with the following principles, conveniently summarized as “EAST”:

1. Easy: The behavior should be straightforward to perform, removing unnecessary barriers or complexities.

2. Attractive: It should hold appeal and be enticing, making the behavior desirable.

3.  Social: The behavior should have a social dimension, fitting within the norms and interactions of the community or group.

4. Timely: Timing is crucial; the behavior should be promoted at the right moment, aligning with individuals’ readiness and context.

This EAST framework provides a practical and effective guide for designing interventions that encourage behavioral change, offering a streamlined approach for policymakers and organizations seeking to influence and promote positive behaviors.

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