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Does decision-making style predict individuals’ cyber security avoidance behaviour?

In this paper, researchers applied gamification techniques to the development of an Augmented Reality game, CybAR, which was designed to educate users about cybersecurity in an effective and entertaining way. This research incorporates decision-making style into Technology Threat Avoidance Theory (TTAT) of CybAR game use. This paper particularly focuses on the role of decision-making style in avoidance of risky cybersecurity behaviour based on factors derived from Technology Threat Avoidance Theory (TTAT). A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 95 students at Macquarie University to assess the effect of individual differences, namely, decision-making style, as a moderator variable between motivation behaviour and cybersecurity avoidance behaviour factors. The findings indicated that the moderating effect of decision-making style had a significant effect on avoidance behaviour. In particular, rational decision-making was a strongly significant moderator of avoidance behaviour and cybersecurity avoidance behaviour, while dependent and avoidant styles were less significant moderators of avoidance behaviour and cybersecurity avoidance behaviour.

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