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Conference proceedings | Research library
| 27/06/2021

How safely do we behave online? An explanatory study into the cybersecurity behaviors of Dutch citizens

Rick van der Kleij | Susanne van ’t Hoff-De Goede | Steve van de Weijer | Rutger Leukfeldt

The Capability-Opportunity-Motivation-Behavior (COM-B) model posits that individuals’ behavior can be understood by considering their capabilities, opportunities, motivation, and the interplay among these factors. This research aims to apply the COM-B model to analyze the cybersecurity behavior of Dutch citizens. The study utilizes data collected from a cross-sectional online survey involving 2,426 participants in the Netherlands. Multivariate analysis is employed, primarily using multivariate linear regression models.

The findings align with existing literature, indicating that individuals who possess relevant knowledge and exhibit motivation to safeguard themselves tend to report engaging in more cyber-secure behavior. Interestingly, the relationship between the opportunities available to individuals for protecting themselves and their self-reported cybersecurity behavior appears to be only partially linked. The study offers explanations for these results and highlights potential avenues for future research in this domain.

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