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| 01/12/2021

Importance of cyber security awareness and e-learning motivation for cybersecurity in reshaping the education

Milos Tisma | Jasmina Andric

The widespread adoption of information and communication technologies, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in a significant surge in cyberattacks, fraud, and security threats in cyberspace. This has exposed society to a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, limited knowledge of cyber threats, and a lack of effective cybersecurity intelligence gathering and public threat awareness.

This paper explores the potential for enhancing information security and cybersecurity awareness through education and e-learning, with the goal of inspiring future cybersecurity professionals. It also discusses the utilization of cyber-attack data and machine learning models for security analytics, which can contribute to a deeper understanding of threats and the field of threat intelligence.

The primary objectives of this paper are to:

1. Highlight the significance of cybersecurity education and threat awareness in reshaping the education landscape.
2. Offer an overview of the current state of cybersecurity and related technologies.
3. Propose strategies for the development of cybersecurity education, emphasizing machine learning and security analytics models as key components.

This paper aims to shed light on the potential for cybersecurity education and awareness initiatives to address the growing challenges in cyberspace security.

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