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Cyber security threats to IoT applications and service domains

We are currently living in the post-PC era where smartphones and other wireless handheld devices are changing our environment, making it more interactive, adaptive and informative. Termed as Internet of Things (IoT) evolving into Internet of Everything, the new ecosystem combines wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, analytical data, interactive technologies, as well as smart devices, to provision solutions in which the objects are embedded with network connectivity and an identifier to enhance object-to-object interactions. IoT innovation is advancing and provides diverse smart solutions or applications. From e-transport to e-health; smart living to e-manufacturing and many other e-solutions. In this environment, the rising trend of cyber attacks on systems infrastructure coupled with the system inherent vulnerabilities presents a source of concern not only to the vendors, but also to the consumer. These security concerns need to be addressed in order to ensure user confidence so as to promote wide acceptance and reap the potentials of IoT. From the perspectives of firmware, hardware and software infrastructure setups, this paper looks at some of the major IoT application and service domains, and analyze the cybersecurity challenges which are likely to drive IoT research in the near future.

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