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User preference of cyber security awareness delivery methods

The modern era sees highly secure operating systems and software, resulting in cyber attackers focusing their efforts on exploiting human vulnerabilities to breach an organization’s information systems. Given the growing number of cyber attacks aimed at unsuspecting staff, the importance of the human element in information security management is paramount.

To mitigate cyber attacks exploiting human weaknesses in the information security chain, boosting information security awareness to curb risks associated with human vulnerabilities is crucial. This article delves into and assesses the impact of several information security awareness dissemination techniques on enhancing end-users’ awareness and behavior regarding information security. Numerous methods exist, including web-based training resources, contextual and embedded training. Despite attempts to boost information security awareness, there is a lack of research on effective awareness dissemination techniques.

Accordingly, this study seeks to identify the most effective and user-preferred security awareness dissemination method. We implemented information security awareness training using text-based, game-based, and video-based techniques to identify user preferences. Our research suggests that a hybrid approach to security awareness dissemination is superior to using a singular method.

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