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Cyber security awareness and behaviour of youth in smartphone usage: A comparative study between university students in Hungary and Vietnam

This study focuses on comparing the level of cyber security awareness, knowledge and behaviour among university students in general and between Hungary and Vietnam in particular. Research data was collected, using a set of questionnaires and the 313 responses from University Students, in different school years and fields of study, in Hungary and Vietnam. Results show that all respondents possess a lack of knowledge of cyber security, leading to a low level of cyber threat awareness, beyond the differences in respondent countries. However, there are minor differences in the behaviour, between respondents in Hungary and Vietnam, which were measured through four dimensions of cyber security: malware items, password usage issues, social engineering and online scam issues. This research helps to raise awareness of differences in cyber security mindfulness, due to cultural characteristics, that can be considered, when developing global mega-systems, such as social platforms.

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