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Conference proceedings | Research library
| 02/02/2023

Analysis on cookies and cybersecurity

Jiakun Yang

Cookies are essential to the modern internet. People use cookies and other tracking technologies to integrate the browsing experience of websites, present personalized content and targeted advertising, understand the origin of their audience, and analyze web traffic. In most cases, by clicking “yes” or “I accept,” people will agree to the use of tracking technologies and cookies. An investigation of cookies and cybersecurity is necessary and imperative. This thesis is going to thoroughly investigate the function that cookies present within the internet world, the actual challenges it poses to cybersecurity and its existence. In order to accomplish the investigation, the thesis analyzes the pros and cons of cookies on cybersecurity, the pros and cons of cookies and cybersecurity through consumer feedback. The findings indicate that there are gaps in privacy. A critical set of effective actions have emerged for organizations that are looking for methods to address the consumer protections and data security requirements. From security perspective, organizations ought to be aware of what data they actually need to serve consumers.

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