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Benefit from AI in cyber security

This paper explained the role of AI in cyber security and proposes recommendation how organizations are benefitting from AI in cybersecurity. Machine learning, a component of AI, applies existing data to constantly improve its functions and strategies over time. It learns and understands normal user behaviour and can identify even the slightest variation from that pattern. But besides gathering information to detect and identify threats, AI can use this data to improve its own functions and strategies as well. In this paper, we research existing obfuscation and de-obfuscation techniques which currently are applied to the android applications, then suggest the de-obfuscation platform based on LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) to perform de-obfuscation process more efficiently. Also, AndrODet solution, an online learning system to detect three common types of obfuscation techniques in Android applications, known as identifier renaming, string encryption, and control flow obfuscation is investigated.

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