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Journal article | Research library
| 09/08/2020

Don’t click: towards an effective anti-phishing training. A comparative literature review

Daniel Jampen | Gürkan Gür | Thomas Sutter | Bernhard Tellenbach

Email is of critical importance as a communication channel for both business and personal matters. Unfortunately, it is also often exploited for phishing attacks. To defend against such threats, many organizations have begun to provide anti-phishing training programs to their employees. A central question in the development of such programs is how they can be designed sustainably and effectively to minimize the vulnerability of employees to phishing attacks. In this paper, we survey and categorize works that consider different elements of such programs via a clearly laid-out methodology, and identify key findings in the technical literature. Overall, we find that researchers agree on the answers to many relevant questions regarding the utility and effectiveness of anti-phishing training. However, we identified influencing factors, such as the impact of age on the success of anti-phishing training programs, for which mixed findings are available. Finally, based on our comprehensive analysis, we describe how a well-founded anti-phishing training program should be designed and parameterized with a set of proposed research directions.

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