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Analysing security concerns about the massive increase of sharing data over the cloud during the pandemic of Covid-19

Technology plays a vital role to overcome some of the challenges caused by Covid-19. For example, adopting cloud computing during pandemic has become double to handle the highest accelerating of process data through the cloud. However, the sudden and heavy use of cloud computing alerts the attack of cyber security. Therefore, this adds a threat to the security for different organisations around the world. Attackers are targeting vulnerable people who work, study, do personal business over the internet. In this research, we mainly analyse two types of data sources that have heavily uploaded to the cloud during Covid-19 time. These include data from educational institutes and business organisations. We propose a protocol with a sequence of steps-based a level of security required. We present three levels of security: high, medium, and low. Once a user or organisation identifies the desired security, the best match level of the security required will be easily selected accordingly. Our protocol is easy, affordable, and can be modified and adjusted. It can be used by a large popularity of people with different background and knowledge.

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