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SCENE: A structured means for creating and evaluating behavioral nudges in a cyber security environment

Behavior-change interventions are common in some areas of human-computer interaction, but rare in the domain of cybersecurity. This paper introduces a structured approach to working with organisations in order to develop such behavioral interventions or ‘nudges’. This approach uses elements of co-creation together with a set of prompts from the behavior change literature (MINDSPACE) that...

The nudge puzzle: Matching nudge interventions to cybersecurity decisions

Nudging is a promising approach, in terms of influencing people to make advisable choices in a range of domains, including cybersecurity. However, the processes underlying the concept and the nudge’s effectiveness in different contexts, and in the long term, are still poorly understood. Our research thus first reviewed the nudge concept and differentiated it from...

Nudging online security behaviour with warning messages

Researchers tested the effectiveness of 9 different ways of warning users about cyber security threats. Making users aware of the steps they could take to minimise risk was effective in triggering more secure behaviour. Gain-framed messages, loss-framed messages and a message from a male anthropomorphic character triggered more secure behaviours. Interestingly, although the above interventions...