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Investigation of human weaknesses in organizational cybersecurity: A meta-analytic approach

The rapid proliferation of digital technology and the increasing reliance on digital systems have made cybersecurity a critical concern for organizations and individuals worldwide. While technical solutions have been the primary focus in addressing cybersecurity threats, the human element has often been overlooked, despite evidence suggesting that human behavior is a significant contributor to cybersecurity...

Cyber security behaviour in organisations

This review explores the academic and policy literature in the context of everyday cyber security in organisations. In so doing, it identifies four behavioural sets that influences how people practice cyber security. These are compliance with security policy, intergroup coordination and communication, phishing/email behaviour, and password behaviour. However, it is important to note that these...

A methodology for quantifying the level of cybersecurity awareness

According to the yearly publication of Dutch National Cyber Security Center of the current cyber security situation of the country ( Cyber Security Beeld Nederland -CSBN- 2017) a cyber-attack originated in 91% of the investigated cases from some form of phishing. This is in line with data from the SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security (SANS)...

Internet of things & cyber security readiness in smart-government and organizations

We have studied the cybersecurity readiness for organizations in Kuwait to get a more information about how to build the cybersecurity readiness model. Cybersecurity readiness model is conceived from investigating the relationship among employee expertise, awareness, organization investment, compliance with standards and risk assessment on organizational cyber security readiness. The results show that investment, compliance...