GDPR – What is our approach?


We believe that people are important and that their data should be looked after properly.

You will no doubt be aware that GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and replaces the current data legislation enshrined in the Data Protection Bill 1998. It represents a much-needed shake up and specifies that as organisations we must not only keep personal information secure, but that we have a duty of transparency towards the individuals to whom the information relates.

GDPR is intended to strengthen and unify data protection law in the digital age. It isn’t something we fear as we believe it is great news for all of us as data subjects. As people.

As data processing is core to our business operations, and because what we do involves “regular and systematic monitoring”, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

This person has formal responsibility for data compliance reports to our Chief Executive. They are suitably qualified, experienced, and independent. To contact our DPO, email

We have updated our terms and policies to ensure we are compliant with the GDPR. To help those organisations we engage with understand and be comfortable with these changes, we have provided FAQs for both customers and partners.

For existing customers and partners, you will be receiving GDPR-compliant updates to your existing agreements for you to consider in advance of GDPR coming into force.

To us, GDPR is about managing risks and fostering an accountability culture; we believe that if we implement it properly it will help us protect our reputation and our precious information.

We do not see GDPR as a choice between privacy or innovation: it’s about privacy and innovation. We see it as an opportunity to clean up the data we hold and better understand what data we need to retain. GDPR is an opportunity to reduce the risk of us being the victim of a data scandal caused by poor privacy practices.

We engage in regular dialogue within our sector to identify best practices and ensure we meet appropriate industry standards.

We hope you’ll agree that we’re on the right track and are taking this as seriously as we should.

We’re always keen to hear feedback, particularly if there are areas in which we can improve so please drop us a line (email if you think we’ve missed something or can do something better.

Oz Alashe MBE

CEO, CybSafe