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People-centric security

How to place people at the heart of your cyber resilience strategy and unlock the benefits of an enhanced cyber defence

Is it time to reconsider traditional approaches to cyber security?

For a long time now, people have largely been viewed as a cyber security “weakness”, and the viewpoint has shaped the majority of the cyber security strategies we see today.

The strategies focus on restrictive measures. They focus single-mindedly on minimising the risks that people pose. Crucially, they do not consider how people can actively prevent cyber attacks, and therefore fail to capitalise on a valuable cyber defence. People-centric security flips the conventional thinking on its head.

“We want to put people-centric thinking at the heart of cyber security.”  – NCSC

As opposed to categorising people as a weakness, people-centric security acknowledges that there’s more to the story.

The subtle shift has major implications for what security strategies should really look like, and it’s these implications we consider in the ebook People-centric Security.

Written for all those interested in meaningfully addressing the human aspect of cyber security, the ebook covers:

  • What people-centric security is
  • How people-centric security differs from conventional security thinking
  • How people-centric security can prevent data breaches and reduce cyber risk
  • A blueprint for implementing people-centric security in your organisation
  • How people-centric security empowers your people to spot and stop cyber attacks
  • How to develop a culture that facilitates secure attitudes and behaviours by default
  • What the “ABC” of cyber security is, why it’s so important and how to address the A, the B and the C
  • Overcoming the hurdles that prevent the implementation of people-centric security
  • And why implementing people-centric security is becoming so pressing