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Free resource: The 3 biggest threats facing law firms today

(and how you can defend against each)

Today’s law firms store, control and process an incredible amount of data, making them vulnerable to cutting edge scams on an ongoing basis thus legal firms are often targeted by cyber criminals.

A cyber attack is becoming an increasingly common threat in the legal industry, with data breaches and hacking incidents affecting a number of law firms in recent years. It is estimated that over half of all law firms have been hacked in the past year alone.

Reputational damage is also an issue for law firms, as clients often lose trust in them following such an attack and may even choose to switch providers following a data breach and leakage of sensitive information or cyber attack on the firm’s systems.

In this free cyber security ebook, we will take a look at the 3 biggest cyber security threats facing law firms today.

This free resource reveals:

  1. The 3 biggest threats facing law firms today
  2. How to spot and defend against each cyber threat
  3. And the long-forgotten resource that can increase law firms’ cyber security, permanently
Cyber threats whitepaper