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People think security is hard. Create an environment where it’s easy.

From security culture assessments to sentiment & attitude analysis. We help you understand your people.

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Features included:



A security culture assessment scientifically proven to predict behaviour. Includes insights and recommendations.

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An anonymised security sentiment and attitude analysis engine.

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A direct communication line to employees. Get feedback from people about how security controls affect their ability to work.


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Metrics, data, insights and reports for security culture and sentiment.

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A mobile application to access all Culture Hub features on the go.


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How Culture Hub works

Uncover your security culture and see how to improve it.

Security behaviour is influenced by environment. Culture-IQ helps you measure and develop a positive, people-centric one. It asks people their views across seven different domains of security culture. And it shows you how to improve where needed.

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Find out what people really think about security.

Two of the biggest challenges of any security awareness programme are engagement and attitude. Sentiment-IQ anonymously collects the thoughts and feelings people have towards security. So you can understand why people might not be engaging.

People can help improve processes.

A truly people-centric approach to security means balancing security with productivity. People not complying with a new policy? It’s probably a barrier to their work. Insights allows people to share their views, ask for help or make recommendations.

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Deeper cultural insights

Gap analysis across seven cultural dimensions

See what people really think and feel about security

Find out how to create a security-minded environment

Easy to deploy, easy to use

Seamlessly delivered alongside other engagements

Clear, concise reports and advice

Compare subcultures by departments

Effortless for administrators

Get insights & recommendations for each domain

Automatically deployed, automatically updated

Learn more about the role of security culture

What’s next?

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