Support & Assist Your People

What do you think your users would rather have?


More training? Or help and support when they actually need it?

Compliance training is boring. Often it’s something forced upon a person by their employer to achieve compliance.

It’s in the company’s interest, not the interest of the individual.

People see training as an annoying barrier to their productivity, and rush through it to get it done.

And on top of that, it doesn’t change behaviour.

That’s not a great position to be in when it comes to cyber security and the company’s risk posture.

And when people have a decision to make that could cause a cyber incident if they get it wrong, where do they go to get help?

It’s never going to be their security awareness training…

CybSafe helps you move away from a ‘train & educate’ approach.

We emphasise ‘supporting & assisting’ your users at their point of need. Whenever they need it – at home and in the workplace.

This suite of tools is what we call virtual cyber assistance.

You provide users with information that helps them behave more securely.

You’re equipping them to make sure the decisions they make don’t put them or the organisation at risk.

Best of all? It’s available on mobile devices as well.

So users have access to virtual cyber assistance around the clock.

You can finally give your people something to do with cyber security that they will love you for

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What’s covered?
  • What CybSafe is and what the platform looks like
  • How CybSafe advances security awareness, behaviours and culture to address human factors in cyber security
  • How CybSafe reduces human cyber risk and aids compliance
  • How CybSafe measures and improves individual security engagement
  • How CybSafe keeps security front of mind
  • How CybSafe tests and tracks inferred understanding of security
  • How CybSafe delivers bespoke training to every individual user
  • The data and metrics available via CybSafe’s comprehensive analytical dashboard
  • Your questions answered