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Spark your CybSafe platform understanding at

Ignite 2.0

15:00 BST on 11th October 2023

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New platform releases appear on a near daily basis, and we know it can be hard to keep up. So we’re doing something about it!

Ignite is here to help bolster your understanding of core features in the CybSafe platform.

Join our exclusive customer product sessions throughout the year to hear from CybSafe experts on how you can get the most out of the platform. Next up: Ignite 2.0

Agenda for Ignite 2.0

Join CybSafe’s Ben Chadfield and Tara Filipovich for Ignite 2.0 as they run through the all-new human risk metrics and custom workflow construction!

These were two of the main updates in Septembers Autumn release and we’re super excited to show you more.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a continuous series that runs throughout the year, aligned to the CybSafe product drops.

Ignite .0’s will be the ‘upcoming features + exciting developments’ sessions (e.g. Ignite 1.0, Ignite 2.0, Ignite 3.0 and so on…)

Ignite .5’s will be the ‘how to use these released features + exciting developments’ CybSorcery sessions (e.g. Ignite 1.5, Ignite 2.5, Ignite 3.5 and so on…)

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Who is it for:

CybSafe platform admins

Information security officers, managers and analysts

Security awareness practitioners


What you’ll learn:

Discover unknown features and tricks from the experts.

A deep dive into CybSafe platform capability from the people who built it.

Our Speakers:

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Ben Donaldson

Ben Donaldson

Community Engagement Manager 

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Tara Filipovich

Tara Filipovich

Product Manager 


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Ben Chadfield

Ben Chadfield

Senior Product Manager