From 8th-12th of June 2020, PeepSec is back! Here’s what to expect…

PeepSec 2020 security summit with tech and security professionals


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From 8th-12th June 2020, the official London Tech Week event PeepSec is back! You can register to attend for free here. And there’s good reason to.

In 2020, PeepSec is perhaps more relevant than it’s ever been before…

What is PeepSec?

PeepSec is the world’s first and only 100% free, 100% virtual summit on the relationship between people and technology. 

Our relationship with technology is always evolving. But, in recent months, it’s advanced faster than anyone might ever have predicted. 

Why attend?

Attend PeepSec 2020 to find out how our relationship with technology is changing. You’ll also find out how it will change over the next decade – and how we’ll all need to respond. 

As things stand, there’s a storm building. 

Even pre-COVID-19, we were using technology more and more. But we’d become frustrated. We’d started to demand greater privacy. And better security. Leading brands – Apple included – were responding.

Many brands, however, continued to recklessly siphon our personal data. 

Then COVID-19 increased our reliance on tech. It also exposed just how shaky some privacy policies are. COVID-19 has dialled things up.

Attend PeepSec 2020 to find out how to respond. You’ll be able to sit in as experts share their inside knowledge and advice.

What’s the theme?

The theme for PeepSec 2020 is Beyond 2020: The Age of Trust. 

What will experts discuss?

Experts will discuss how our relationship with technology will change over the next decade. They’ll discuss what brands should do in response.

As always, PeepSec’s world-renowned speakers will move the conversation forward.

Topics we’ll discuss include

  • The privacy backlash
  • Winning consumer trust
  • The future of cyber security
  • Social media’s new direction
  • AI without upset
  • Data dividends
  • Tech with purpose
  • The future of regulation
  • People plus profit
  • Ethical technology
  • Work, life and resilience post-COVID-19

And a great deal more. You can secure a free place at the summit here.

Who is speaking?

In the past, we’ve aired talks from the NCSC. And from the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

We’ve heard from the Universities of Bath and Bristol. We’ve heard from Bournemouth University and the University of Kent..

We’ve heard from Credit Suisse, from KPMG, from Telstra, from Tech UK, from Aviva, from Level39… the list goes on.

This year, familiar faces and debutants will share their knowledge. You’ll get expert insights and advice. We’ll be updating our speaker list periodically here

Who should attend?

PeepSec is for anyone interested in technology and/or security! 

For three years now, PeepSec has united the technology and security communities. The summit always forges valuable relationships. We’ll continue to do so in 2020 – join us!

Is it free?

Yes. Despite being an official London Tech Week Event, PeepSec is and has always been 100% free and 100% virtual. 

When you sign up to attend, you also get a link to watch every PeepSec recording on demand once the summit ends… again, free.

What about COVID-19?

PeepSec is and has always been 100% virtual. This year will be no different. PeepSec will go ahead despite COVID-19!

How can I attend?

To join us for PeepSec 2020, simply register for free here.

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