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You don’t want to miss our next webinar: Measuring security behaviors in financial services

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27 April 2022

We’ll be joined by Forrester Principal Analyst, Jinan Budge, to discuss the tips, tricks, and pitfalls of measuring security behaviors.


Join us on Wednesday 24th May @ 10am GMT to hear how to truly quantify human cyber risk. Speakers include:

  • Dr Suzie Dobrontei – Product Content Lead, CybSafe
  • Jinan Budge – Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk professionals, Forrester
  • A special guest CISO from the financial services industry


Technology alone cannot protect your company from today’s modern cyber threats. Security training and assessments haven’t been updated since the last major disruption – phishing simulations. And that was a decade ago!


Cybercriminals look to exploit the human element at every opportunity. So, making people more secure is the key to any meaningful cyber security strategy. This process starts with people’s security behaviours.

A single workshop, leaflet, or e-learning module isn’t enough to effect change. Businesses that look at how they measure security behavior will be stronger. They will be the ones that win. 

Let’s focus on the real question here, “how do I manage and measure behaviour change and instil a security culture?” 

Measuring user security behavior is possible. There are a range of options for measurement available. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple can be just as effective, as long as it is tailored for your people and what they need. 

In this webinar, we’ll be exploring the current state of the security awareness and training (SA&T) market, why it’s in bad shape, and what we need to do to transform it. We’ll also cover what human risk is, how we should measure it, and why we need to continually evolve. 

In the same way that we evolve, our security measures have to as well. But many security behavior change programmes are run the same way they were 10 years ago… again, a decade people!

CybSafe has put together 6 ways of measuring user security behavior because after all, it all comes down to us, the people. 

  • Objective measures – take the emotion out of the equation 
  • Self-report – ask people to report on their own behavior 
  • Proximate measure – to predict future behavior
  • Scenarios – an interactive way to get people engaged 
  • Observational data – to understand why people do what they do and why
  • 360 feedback – think of it like a performance review 


You say you want a revolution? Come on then… Sign up to our webinar on the 24th May to kickstart how you measure security behaviors.


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