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Workflows and 20+ features

Automate security tasks

Workflows makes automating security tasks simple, no coding required. Assign training and phishing simulations with personalized, automated messages and actions.

Winter 2023 release workflows

Save time, boost impact

Free up your schedule by automating repetitive security tasks with Workflows, so you can shift your attention to high-impact activities. 

Deliver 1-2-1 security support

Help people with automated nudges and interventions that respond to their actions. Deliver the relevant guidance to each team member for a truly personalized security experience.

All your tools,

working together

Winter 2023 release workflows

Connect and automate

Across your entire security stack. Integrate with GUIDE, PHISH, RESPOND, and other tools to create a cohesive, automated security awareness ecosystem. See how

Influence user behavior

With security guidance delivered directly to where people work. From email to messaging apps, adapt Workflows to meet your unique needs.

Get started quickly

With a library of pre-built templates of the most popular and effective workflows.

20+ new features

Improvements & updates to the CybSafe platform, from your feedback

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New learning campaign

 “Cyber circuit” to get people exercising essential security behaviors, knowledge, and practices.

Security heroes

Tailor your Security Heroes, our out-of-the-box gamified rewards system, with new options.

[BETA] Digital cybersecurity assistant

Register your interest for early access to our new AI-powered security advice chatbot.

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AI-powered phishing simulations

Design your own templates whilst maintaining the scientific underpinning of CybSafe susceptibility insights and NIST phish scale. (It takes less than a minute, and no thesis in behavioral psychology required.) See how

Deeper IP address insight

IP addresses are now available through the reports.

New simulated phishing templates

250+ templates based on recent trends and behavioral science. When running simulations at our recommended settings of 2 per month, that’s over 10 years of unique simulations!

New Nudge templates

17 new templates based on phishing susceptibility insights, influence methods, and emotional triggers.

Advanced template selection options

Target different NIST Phish Scale difficulty levels, emotional drivers, influence techniques, and natures of attack.


Image Nudges

Build and send your own image Nudges, or use the pre-loaded library designed by our scientists!

[INTEGRATION] CybSafe with Crowdstrike

Connect to measure the following behaviors: [TEMP213] Does not use a laptop/desktop device that is infected with malware, and [SB174b] Does not log in from a desktop/laptop running out of date operating software. See how

New Nudge templates

30+ new Nudge templates to influence behaviors before they occur, and reinforce or correct them after they’ve happened.

Accredited Nudges and Advice

Nudges and Advice cards are now accredited as NCSC Assured training.

Self-remediated credential exposure

Automate nudging and track remediation of users using breached passwords.

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[INSIGHTS] Risk & behavior exports

Export risk and behavior data to analyze and import into your reporting and data systems.

[INSIGHTS] User-led risk analysis

See the people showing the riskiest behaviors in your organization, with recommendations on how to best support them.

[MODULE BUILDER] Create your own learning modules

Create your own learning modules: Build and integrate your own modules into learning campaigns. See how

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Engagement activity upload

Upload attendance lists for security awareness events to add your own data to people’s engagement risk factor scores.

Events log

Track user events and platform activities for wider security oversight

Impact settings customization

Customize the range of monetary impact to fit your organization’s financial risk exposure.

New manager permissions

Let managers create and invite new users to the platform, giving them more control over the groups they manage. See how

10 new languages

CybSafe is now available in Bahasa Melayu – Malay 🇲🇾, Dansk – Danish 🇩🇰,  Magyar – Hungarian 🇭🇺, Norsk – Norwegian 🇳🇴, Română – Romanian 🇷🇴,  Suomi – Finnish 🇫🇮, български език – Bulgarian 🇧🇬, עִבְֿרִית – Hebrew 🇮🇱,  मानक हिन्दी – Hindi (MSH) 🇮🇳, Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian 🇮🇩

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