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SB163 Does not open a phishing email

Some phishing emails include macros that autorun on opening. Even though these cases are rare, if possible it is good practice to not open emails you feel sure are phishing emails. However, sometimes you can't tell until you open the email. In which case, don't panic. Just report the email to your IT or security team and delete it.

Why is it important?

Not opening a phishing email significantly reduces the risk of falling victim to a successful phishing attack.

Priority Tier

Behaviours in SebDB are ranked by their impact on risk. Tier 1 behaviours have the biggest impact, Tier 4 behaviours the least.

Tier 1

Risk Mitigated

Account Compromise

Account Compromise

Account compromise happens when unauthorised people access them.

Data Theft

Data Theft

Data theft is the intentional stealing of data.

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