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SB074 Uses a private browsing on shared devices

If workplace devices are shared between colleagues, private browsing should be enabled by default. This means history and cookies are deleted after each session.

Why is it important?

Private browsing windows protect privacy. They’re important to use if a device is shared. If a device is lost or stolen, because private browsing windows erase cookies and history, further protecting any accounts accessed from it.

Priority Tier

Behaviours in SebDB are ranked by their impact on risk. Tier 1 behaviours have the biggest impact, Tier 4 behaviours the least.

Tier 3

Risk Mitigated

Data Theft

Data Theft

Data theft is the intentional stealing of data.

Account Compromise

Account Compromise

Account compromise happens when unauthorised people access them.

Privacy Violation

Privacy Violation

A privacy violation occurs when an unintended person learns about someone elses private information.

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