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SB178 Does not share a desktop device

Sharing a desktop device allows someone else to have access to your personal and/or company's confidential data.

Why is it important?

Sharing a desktop device puts you and your organisation's sensitive and confidential data at risk. By sharing your desktop, others may gain access to data stored on the device's hard drive, in shared or cloud drives, in company databases or workspace applications, or on the web if login credentials are saved in the browser.

Priority Tier

Behaviours in SebDB are ranked by their impact on risk. Tier 1 behaviours have the biggest impact, Tier 4 behaviours the least.

Tier 1

Risk Mitigated

Account Compromise

Account Compromise

Account compromise happens when unauthorised people access them.

Privacy Violation

Privacy Violation

A privacy violation occurs when an unintended person learns about someone elses private information.

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