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SB036 Secures devices with automatic screen locks

Devices can be protected with screenlocks (like pins, patterns and passwords). This can help prevent unauthorised access should devices be lost or stolen. Screens should lock automatically after a short time of inactivity.

Why is it important?

Screen locks are important when protecting data and privacy. They stop opportunistic individuals from accessing a device, especially if it has been lost.

It's also important that screen locks should be strong. Pins, patterns and passwords can be guessed so make sure they’re unique and difficult to crack.

Also, take advantage of biometrics. A strong pin/password/pattern can be set together with a fingerprint or facial login. They're just as secure and faster than regular screen locks.

Priority Tier

Behaviours in SebDB are ranked by their impact on risk. Tier 1 behaviours have the biggest impact, Tier 4 behaviours the least.

Tier 1

Risk Mitigated

Data Theft

Data Theft

Data theft is the intentional stealing of data.

Personal Exposure

Personal Exposure

Personal exposure is the extent to how much someones personal information is available online.

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