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SB014 Asks security professionals for help with security issues

Asking for help can help people learn. Security professionals can advise on how best to approach and resolve security issues. This is important when setting up a new device, a piece of software or engaging with an unexpected suspicious email.

Why is it important?

Specialists are very knowledgeable in particular fields. Security is a field with many different aspects, some more confusing than others.

Asking for help from a security specialist can prevent mistakes and security incidents occurring.

Priority Tier

Behaviours in SebDB are ranked by their impact on risk. Tier 1 behaviours have the biggest impact, Tier 4 behaviours the least.

Tier 3

Risk Mitigated

Malware Infection

Malware Infection

Malware infections occur when malicious software makes its way on to a device or network.

Data Leak

Data Leak

A data leak is when data is accidentally or intentionally disclosed to unauthorised people.

Account Compromise

Account Compromise

Account compromise happens when unauthorised people access them.

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