Next generation security awareness software

Improve cyber security behaviours and attitudes.
Get better metrics and data to report on today and plan for tomorrow.


Cyber risks are not going to be solved by focusing on technology alone; the human side of the equation matters

Add CybSafe to improve cyber security behaviours and attitudes, and get the data you need to measure and report on impact.

Raise Awareness & Improve Behaviours

Educate your people with bite-sized GCHQ & IISP accredited awareness training and behavioural nudges to reinforce.

Simulate Attacks

Gain insights into areas of vulnerability using intelligent phishing and other social engineering attack simulations.

Add Metrics for Better Cyber Risk Decisions

Use data rich reports about awareness, behaviour & culture to make better security decisions.

Support & Assist Your People

Go beyond just training with on-demand virtual cyber assistance features for users & admins alike.

Measure Culture & Improve Attitudes

Drive improvements in security behaviour and attitude with security culture analysis & insight tools.

Grow With Others Like You

Access the latest advice, help and ideas from the CybSafe community of security professionals.

People are not the weakest link.

They are the only link. 

However, organisations cannot expect to solve the cyber risk problem with training alone.

attack types such as hacking, malware and physical access are either stagnating or in decline, but social engineering and human error have jumped substantially

infrastructure-based attack vectors are in steady decline, while attacks targeting the people in organisations have experienced a significant increase

CybSafe is ideal for Enterprises

and SMEs alike

Increasing the effectiveness of your security awareness programme has never been so straightforward.

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