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SB028 Enables the “show file extensions” setting

Malicious files are often made to look like other file types so that they are more likely to be opened (.pdf, .doc, .jpeg etc.). Enabling the “show file extensions” setting reveals the actual file extension, reducing the risk of opening a potentially dangerous file (.exe, .vsb, .scr etc.).

Why is it important?

Some malware is embedded into files and requires interaction (clicking to open) to run.

To do this, a person needs to be tricked into thinking the file is safe. Some file types may raise concerns. Criminals therefore try to hide the true file type by renaming a file or changing a file's icon. Enabling "show file extensions" makes sure the true file type can be seen.

Priority Tier

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Tier 2

Risk Mitigated

Malware Infection

Malware Infection

Malware infections occur when malicious software makes its way on to a device or network.

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