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The “social engineering” of internet fraud

This essay outlines common types of internet fraud, discusses the psychological techniques that criminals use to conduct internet fraud and proposes some counter-fraud measures, including educational and technological solutions.  

Deviance or uniqueness, harmony or conformity? A cultural analysis

Across four studies, East Asians showed a preference for conformity while European Americans demonstrated a preference for uniqueness. Researchers suggest the results highlight the relationship between individual preferences and the adoption and perpetuation of...

Gender differences in risk taking: A meta-analysis

The researchers review 150 studies on the difference in risk-taking behaviour between males and females, concluding that males are typically more risk-seeking than females but that the gap appears to be shrinking over time.  

Inattentional blindness: An overview

Researchers discuss theories and research on the differences in what we see and what we perceive in an effort to further study on why we don't always perceive what we see, and why we sometimes perceive things we don't see.