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Investigating cyber security factors influencing the perception behavioral intention of small and medium enterprise

In the use of technology, there is a danger that targets MSMEs, especially those who are new to using technological devices, namely cyber security. The main question is how SMEs perceive cyber security. This study aims to determine the perception of MSMEs on cyber security by using the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) model. Data is collected through surveys. By using a quantitative approach, the data were analyzed using the Smart-PLS software. There are several variables raised in the study which are suspected of having an influence on Protective Behavioral Intention. Based on the results of the study indicate that the variables Perceived Severity (PS) and Self-Efficacy (SE) have a significant and positive effect on Protective Behavioral Intention (PBI). This study also shows that the use of information technology by MSMEs has begun to spread, but there is still no cyber security awareness found, so there is still no planning or mitigation of threats or risks (risk management).