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Everyone knows that the human aspect of cyber and information security is important and must be addressed. However, most organisations don’t have an effective way to do so. 

CybSafe is a brilliant solution to a very real problem. 

CybSafe’s innovative approach to cyber security awareness displaces the more traditional, but less effective tick-box approach often implemented in businesses today.


Why should you become a CybSafe partner?

Many businesses want a cyber security awareness solution that demonstrably addresses the human aspect by changing behaviour, shows a demonstrable return on investment and marks them out as an organisation that can be trusted to take data protection seriously.


The CybSafe Partnership Programme:

  • Differentiates you – from your competitors by enabling you to offer an innovative cyber security awareness software solution that contains GCHQ and IISP certified content – instantly marking you out as a high-quality provider.
  • Provides you a market-leading cyber security solution – that gives you an excellent reason to engage and develop new business, grow existing business and develop your position as a trusted advisor. 
  • Enables you to generate competitive margins and a recurring revenue stream.
  • Provides you full pre- and post-sales support from the CybSafe team – including technical demonstrations, sales & marketing material, and broader social media activity.
  • Is free to join with no fees or purchase requirements.
  • Gives you access to an easy-to-implement cloud-based software solution that can be integrated into a host of broader LMS, GRC, HR Tech and SSO tools.

Come and join the growing number of experts making a meaningful difference when it comes to the human aspect of cyber security

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