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What is it?

Managed Service Hub provides extra support. It’s for organisations who want to take their CybSafe deployment to the next level.

It’s ideal for any organisation where a one-size-fits-all solution may not be suitable. If you want specialist help in tailoring a programme to meet your needs, then Managed Service Hub is for you.

How Managed Service Hub works

Strategy development & goal setting.

We help you align your security requirements with your culture and goals. We help you work out which departments carry most risk, who needs most support and how to increase security engagement.

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Collaborative planning.

We build a framework to deliver on your strategic objectives. And we assist with internal communications to boost user engagement.

Proactive interaction.

We take care of tasks like onboarding users. We help manage users across departments. And we’ll check and respond to user queries.

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Constant measurement & reporting.

We take the hard work out of producing reports for leadership. We help you see where you carry human cyber risk. And we ensure you can report on and assess progress and return on investment.

Rollout support

We get you set up ready for roll out

On-demand administrator training resources

Tools to make your internal launch hassle-free

Priority assistance

Your own dedicated Customer Success Manager

The highest level of support from our team

Use our experience every step of the way

Effortless optimisation

Get insights & recommendations from our team

Bespoke advice to improve your security culture

Brief the boardroom with focused reports

What’s next?

Find out more about Managed Service Hub.