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NEW! This is how we talk about CybSafe
How to market CybSafe

In our marketing assets ZIP file below, we have provided you with:

  • four suggested Tweets,
  • one suggested LinkedIn post,
  • a collection of images for you to use at your leisure, and
  • sample emails for Email Shot.

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How to sell CybSafe


What is the elevator pitch?

Most businesses know that the human aspect of cyber security is important. They also know that they aren’t doing enough to address it and worry that they carry too much unnecessary cyber security and data protection risk as a result.

CybSafe is an innovative cyber security tech start-up that is using advanced technology and intelligent software to address the human aspect of cyber security.

Through our GCHQ-certified content and cloud-based Unified Cyber Awareness software Platform, we help businesses provide their people the information they need to stay safe online, and through the use of advanced data analytics and machine learning technology we show businesses where they might be vulnerable and how this vulnerability can be reduced over time.

What is the ‘Pain Point’ that CybSafe addresses?

Most businesses know that the human aspect of cyber security is important. They also know that they aren’t doing enough to address it and worry that they carry too much unnecessary cyber security and data protection risk as a result.

The issues preventing good cyber security behaviour from the everyday-technology-users within their organisations aren’t actually just knowledge and understanding. Many people are also Apathetic, Disengaged, Fearful or Confused.

These businesses want a cyber security awareness solution that demonstrably addresses the human aspect by changing behaviour, shows a demonstrable return on investment and marks them out as an organisation that can be trusted to take data protection seriously.


What is CybSafe?

CybSafe is Unified Cyber Awareness Platform. It is a data-driven, cloud-based software that addresses the human aspect of cyber security. In doing so it helps businesses to improve cyber security behaviour, visualise human factor vulnerability, and reduce cyber risk.


What exactly is a Unified Cyber Awareness Platform?

CybSafe is a Unified Cyber Awareness Platform that helps organisations intelligently address the human aspect of cyber security by focusing on ABC – Awareness, Behaviour & Culture.

It is advanced software that:

  • delivers GCHQ-accredited awareness training,
  • uses simulated multi-vector attacks and other methods to measure changes in behaviour, and
  • enables businesses to engage their people by keeping them informed and encouraging them to contribute their insight.

CybSafe is underpinned by psychology and behavioural science research and is optimised to ensure so that awareness culture in organisations is improved as people are empowered.

  • CybSafe helps organisations:
  • reduce their cyber risk,
  • build a positive cyber security culture,
  • meet their GDPR and other compliance requirements and
  • see a return on their investment.

It brings together (many of the aspects) a business needs address the human aspect of cyber security effectively.

  • Train & Educate
  • Change behaviour
  • Inform
  • Engage
  • Measure & Analyse
  • Visualise & Report

We know that Cyber Security Awareness is about much more than just training and education. As a result, tick-box training programmes and activity don’t work. Even phishing or other simulated attack-led programmes are often only effective in part and on their own can do a lot to negatively affect Users, breed mistrust and reduce productivity.

We believe that what is required is a holistic, consistent and measured programme of cyber security awareness engagement.

CybSafe is a platform that can either be delivered on its own (for businesses without the capacity to do more), or as a mainstay feature that is complemented by additional security awareness activity. It is the only GCHQ-certified training tool of its kind that delivers this.

At CybSafe we enable an intelligent approach to cyber security awareness that Changes behaviour, reduces risk and saves money.

An awareness programme should be an intelligently woven together series of activities that engage, educate, assess and inform Users. If done properly Users feel empowered rather than undermined. They also increasingly see the value in their understanding of cyber security and feel part of the collective solution. It’s a journey that takes many from ambivalence, disinterest and a feeling of inconvenience to interest, appreciation and sensible caution.

Most businesses don’t have the time, expertise or resource capacity to focus on the human aspect of cyber security as much as they should/would like.  CybSafe’s Unified Cyber Awareness Platform automates the provision of this activity making its delivery effortless on the part of busy professional people.

Who is CybSafe for?

  • For businesses that realise that they need no longer pay lip service to the ‘people component’.
  • For those that understand that they don’t have the staff, time or expertise to address this component effectively on their own.
  • Any organisation that would like to directly address the human factor in cyber security to reduce their chances of having a breach – and benefit from the insights and experiences of others whilst saving money in the process.

What is so different/special about CybSafe?

We take an intelligent approach to cyber security awareness and believe that by giving businesses a solution that addresses the human factor – both internally and within the supply chain – we can help business drastically reduce their cyber risk.

As a result CybSafe is a Unified Cyber Awareness Platform rather than simply an e-learning product. Of course, accredited and constantly-evolving user training is a critical part but it doesn’t stop there. CybSafe is for those businesses that understand that they don’t have the staff, time or expertise to address this component effectively on their own. It is for organisations that would like to benefit from the insights and experiences of others and save money in the process.

We’re seeing some amazing results and are getting great feedback: From staff openly admitting that CybSafe prevented them from causing a breach; Some companies reporting a reduction in their cyber insurance premiums on account of CybSafe; And many IT Security/information security professionals expressing gratitude at finally having a software solution that helps them effectively address the people component of cyber security in their business.

What makes CybSafe so different and so much better than alternatives?

When asked, “What makes CybSafe so special?” Or “How is CybSafe different from other available elearning products?”, the response should be along the lines of:

“…CybSafe is a step-change in capability and approach when it comes to the provision of cyber security awareness training. This is because we bring everything together in our Unified Cyber Awareness Platform…”:

…1. The focus is on behaviour change, not tick-box training – all content, features and experience are rooted in psychology and behaviour change principles

In addition to this:

…2. It’s quality is assured as the content is GCHQ (and IISP) accredited.

…3. It’s threat-based – our deeper learning algorithms and analysts monitor threats as they are specific to your industry. The material presented is then adjusted and the course evolves accordingly. 

…4. It applies the most advanced tech – we use deeper learning technology, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to learn knowledge levels and behaviour patterns to deliver personalised e-learning.

…5. It identifies not just what people know, but how confident they are about what they know, how this knowledge changes over time and how they use this knowledge to adjust their behaviour. It also measures sentiment and attitude towards cyber security and data protection.

…6. It is as applicable to cyber security in the home as it is in the workplace – as a result, it is available as an app for mobile devices and wearables. Users can also share key information with friends and family.

 …7. It provides a platform for Users to share insights and assist their organisations in the identification of weak points. This enables information security professionals and IT security teams to immediately benefit from ground-up (anonymous) insight (I.e what do people really think of the security policies? what are the barriers to adoption? where might some policies contradict others? what areas of security risk can Users see that their company may have missed?)

…8. It provides a platform for IS professionals and IT security managers to share their insight and benefit from the insights/lessons in other organisations in similar situations.

…9. The CybSafe analytical display presents an up-to-date visual representation, as well as produces automated reports, that show areas of risk and vulnerability.  

…10. It allows companies to compare themselves to others (anonymously) within their industry or of equivalent size. 

…11. Users can receive notifications and alerts when a significant cyber event affecting their industry is reported – thereby contextualising the threat and relevance.

…12. It provides an assured mechanism through which customers can encourage better cyber security awareness throughout their supply chain.

…13. It provides a resource base into which CIOs, CISO, IT security managers and other information security professionals can reach material that relates to the human aspect of cyber security.

In summary…

CybSafe goes above and beyond traditional tick box training.

Everything is rooted deeply in psychology and behaviour change principles. We use the most advanced technologies such as machine learning to deliver an intelligent and constantly-evolving software platform that means that businesses receive a level of expertise, insight, research, understanding, that it would cost a significant amount in manpower and software development to replicate.

Or download this as a PDF:

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Here’s a Presentation Slide Deck


If you ever have to present/share an overview of CybSafe with a customer, here is a slide deck that you can either use by itself or cut out slides to fit into a larger presentation. There is no script with it as yet, but our Channel Partner Team will be able to help with any narrative you need. Get in touch with your Point of Contact or email the Team at partnerships@cybsafe.com.

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CybSafe Deal Registration Program (Resellers only)


CybSafe is proud to offer our partners a comprehensive deal registration program.

We have made it incredibly simple for you to register your deals and once approved this will ensure you receive the maximum benefits from our team.


The benefits include:

  1. Additional margin -This ensures you have the most competitive financial advantage for this opportunity.
  2. Communication – CybSafe will always work alongside our partners and never contact the end user without prior permission
  3. Deal Registration Timeframes – CybSafe will register the deal as standard for 60 days but these terms can be flexible on a case by case basis
  4. Prompt Notice – We will inform you within 24 hours if your registration has been successful and assetain what support you require.
  5. Committed to Avoiding Channel Conflict – CybSafe is passionate about avoiding channel conflict and we only work with channel partners who follow our ethics.



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Resellers – This is how you report a sale to us:

Reporting a sale to us is easy. Follow the link below and fill out the sale notification form.

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Once submitted, our Customer Success team will work with you to onboard your new customer. We will then invoice you in line with the terms of our agreement.

If you have any queries about your invoice, please get in touch with your Point of Contact, our finance team (finance@cybsafe.com) or the Channel Partner Team (partnerships@cybsafe.com).

NEW! Resellers – End User Licence Agreement - GDPR compliant
When agreeing terms with your customer, please make them aware of our EULA for Reseller Customers. This is an agreement between your customer and CybSafe for the use of the service.
There is no requirement for you to get your customer to sign it, we’ll take care of that when their Point of Contact logs in for the first time.
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GDPR Q&A for Partners


Cybsafe (we or us) is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In our arrangements with each of your customers:

  • we are a data processor and.
  • the Customer is a data controller.  

Under the GDPR, arrangements between a data controller and a data processor must be contained in a contract which now has to contain certain provisions.  We have incorporated those provisions into our documents with our Customers to reflect the obligations on data processors under the GDPR.

As one of our Partners, you are also a data processor and a sub processor of ours. Note: this does NOT apply to Affiliate partners.

We have incorporated provisions into your contract with us to reflect that relationship and the obligations which therefore apply to you under the GDPR.

You’ll need to know the following terms:

  • personal data means any information relating to a living individual who can be identified, directly or indirectly, from that information, whether or not in association with other information
  • data subject means any living individual who can be identified from personal data
  • controller means any person or organisation which directs how and why personal data is processed
  • processor means any person or organisation which processes personal data on behalf of a controller
  • processing means any operation performed on personal data, including: collecting, organising, storing, altering, retrieving, consulting, using, sharing, updating and deleting.

The clauses in our agreement with you address the following points:

1. What personal data from your customers’ employees do we use?

Each of your customers provide us with certain information about their employees who are to have access to our training modules.  This includes:

  • each employee’s name, and
  • their email address (which may be a business address if the employee has one or their personal email address if they don’t).  

This is personal data which the Customer has in their capacity as the employer of those individuals.

We may also ask each employee to give us information about:

  • their gender and
  • the age bracket which applies to them.

We do not need or ask for any “sensitive personal data”.


2. For what purposes do we use the employees’ personal data?

We use the personal data in order to identify and authenticate each employee, matching the data they input to the information which the Customer has supplied to us.  This enables us to give the employees access to the learning modules. We also analyse the level of understanding and improvements in the employees’ behaviours towards cyber security and provide analyses to the Customer of the performance of their employees.


3. For what purposes do you use the employees’ data?

The Customer may request that you are provided with access to all or some of the personal data which we use so that you:

  • can oversee the Customer’s use of our services, and
  • review the analyses of their employees’ use of the services, their levels of understanding and progress.  

You can only use the personal data for those purposes.


4. Do we use your employees’ personal data for your own purposes?

No.  You are acting as a data processor, so you can only use the personal data in accordance with our instructions (which reflect the instructions of our Customer).  That is reflected in the data protection clauses in our agreement with you and a Schedule to the agreement called “Data Processing Details” It is important for you and for us that those details are included in the agreement.  If there are laws which require you to use the data in some other way then you must tell us – promptly.

5. What security must you have in place to protect personal data?

You must have systems and processes in place, taking into account a number of factors including:

  • the state of the art,
  • the costs of implementing the measures,
  • the nature, scope and purposes of the processing, and
  • the risks to the employees.  

This is to:

  • to make sure that you have an appropriate level of security to prevent unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of or access to the personal data; and
  • to assist us and our Customers with any of the requests which an employee can make about their personal data under the GDPR (e.g. if an employee makes a subject access request).


6. How can our Customer be comfortable that your staff will keep their employees’ personal data confidential?

The GDPR requires that all of your staff who deal with the personal data are subject to obligations of confidentiality.  Your staff must therefore have confidentiality provisions in their employment contracts and must have been trained in compliance with the GDPR.


7. Can CybSafe pass your employees’ personal data to another organisation?

You can only do this if we (and the Customer) agree.

8. Can we ask you to help if an employee exercises one of its rights under the GDPR?

The GDPR provides new rights for data subjects.  Our Customer’s employees can not only ask to see the personal data which is held about them, but ask for it to be corrected if it is wrong, and, in certain circumstances, object to the use of their personal data or ask for it to be erased.  You must refer any request from an employee to us (and not respond to the request) so that we can refer it to the Customer. You may need to provide reasonable assistance to us or the Customer in dealing with the request.

You have to keep certain records of the processing of the personal data which you carry out and make those records available to us if we request them.

9. Do you transfer the personal data abroad?

Only if we specifically agree that you may do so. This is likely to mean that additional provisions will need to be added to your agreement with us. It is important that you check where any personal data which you process is stored.  

You must tell us if it is stored on servers which are outside the EU.

10. What happens if there is a breach of security or a complaint?

If a breach of security leads to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, any personal data you must tell us and provide certain information about the breach and its likely consequences.

If there is a complaint against you relating to your obligations under the GDPR then you must promptly tell us.

11. What happens to the personal data at the end of the contract between you and us?

You must delete or return the personal data to us at the end of the agreement unless you are required, by law, to store the data.

12. When will our GDPR-related updates be live?

In advance of the GDPR coming into force on 25th May 2018.

13. Some helpful links

Letter from the CEO to Customers and Partners.

Affiliates – This is how we report a sale to you:

Your Point of Contact from the Channel Partner Team will notify you of any successful sales as a result of a lead you have generated.

We’ll send you a statement via email within 14 days of the end of the month in which we are paid by the Customer. This will give you all the information you need to raise and invoice us in line with the terms of our agreement.

If you have any queries about your statement or any ongoing negotiations as a result of one of your leads, please get in touch with your Point of Contact or the Channel Partner Team (partnerships@cybsafe.com).

NEW! Pricing Table

The price list in your partner agreement will be accurate at the time of signing. We’ll let you know in advance via the monthly roundup email of any forthcoming changes to out price list and post them here.

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Workflow Diagrams

These two workflow diagrams will help you understand the selling journey. This differs for Affiliates and Resellers.

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Brand Guidelines and a toolkit of Brand Assets

Our brand guidelines will help you understand how to use our logo, icons and your partner badge – all are provided in the brand assets toolkit. The Brand Assets toolkit is a downloadable .zip file that includes:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • CybSafe icons and logos (in .JPG, .PNG and .EPS formats)
  • Certified Partner Badges
  • CybSafe Certification in Security Awareness Badge

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Resource Centre

We like to keep commenting on the state of cyber security.

As a CybSafe Partner you’ll receive our news, views and insight via email. But to save you having to trawl through your inbox to find something you saw a few weeks ago, we also have a Resource Centre where you can access all our weekly blog posts and white papers along with case studies, e-books, infographics and interactive quizzes.

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