CybSafe Deal Registration Program

CybSafe is proud to offer our partners a comprehensive deal registration program.

We have made it incredibly simple for you to register your deals and once approved this will ensure you receive the maximum benefits from our team.


The benefits include:

  1. Dedicated CybSafe Sales Specialist - CybSafe will fully support the partner who brings us the opportunity with joint presentations, demos and POCs.
  2. Communication - CybSafe will always work alongside our partners and never contact the end user without prior permission
  3. Deal Registration Timeframes - CybSafe will register the deal as standard for 60 days but these terms can be flexible on a case by case basis
  4. Prompt Notice - We will inform you within 24 hours if your registration has been successful and assetain what support you require.
  5. Committed to Avoiding Channel Conflict - CybSafe is passionate about avoiding channel conflict and we only work with channel partners who follow our ethics. 


Register a Deal