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Global Banking & Finance Review

FCA Business Plan 2018/19 – cyber security in FS Sector

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Flybe Flight Time

Security force

Flybe Flight Time:

SecurityBrief Europe

Interview: The motivation behind building a cybersecurity business

SecurityBrief Europe:

SC Magazine

Criminal behind €1 billion cyber-bank robberies arrested in Spain

SC Magazine:

The Evening Standard

I hacked my apps to find where my data was going and you should too

The Evening Standard:

Global Banking & Finance Review

Tackling cybercrime in financial services

Global Banking & Finance Review:

The Law Society

Are you GDPR ready? Start here

The Law Society :

SC Magazine

Lack of encryption in cloud applications rendering enterprises vulnerable

SC Magazine:

SC Magazine

How educational psychology can change the face of cyber security training

SC Magazine:

Business Reporter

Why cyber-credentials really matter for small and mid-sized companies

Business Reporter:

HR Grapevine

Data security under GDPR: are you ready?

HR Grapevine:

Velocity Magazine

Talking business

Velocity Magazine:


FStech Shortlist 2018


Huffington Post

Seven Reasons Why I’m More Positive Than Most About Cyber Security In 2018

Huffington Post:

Silicon Republic

Sci-Tech 100 2018: The Game-Changers of 2018

Silicon Republic:

Yahoo! News

The Psychology Of Cyber Security: How Hackers Exploit Human Bias

Yahoo! News:

Computer Business Review

NHS remedies cybersecurity weakness with £20m hacker unit

Computer Business Review :

The Inquirer

NHS to hire white hat hackers as part of £20m cybersecurity investment

The Inquirer:


NHS will use white hat hackers to probe its own cyber defences


The Huffington Post

The Psychology Of Cyber Security: How Hackers Exploit Human Bias

The Huffington Post:

Financial News

To pay or not to pay: how the City can learn from the Uber cover-up

Financial News:


Security Excellence Awards 2017 - and here are the winners


The Huffington Post

Avoid A Costly Black Friday Data Breach - Top Tips For Keeping Your Business Secure

The Huffington Post:

SC Media

UK University fails to learn - UEA, a data breach repeat offender

SC Media:

Travel Trade Gazette

Protect against human nature

Travel Trade Gazette:

Silicon Republic

Australia and Malaysia hit by major data breaches

Silicon Republic:

Silicon Republic

Sources say Deloitte cyberattack may have impacted US government

Silicon Republic:

Accountancy Age

Deloitte cyber attack: Is your firm safe?

Accountancy Age:


Deloitte hit by major client email hack



The supply chain conundrum: Why large businesses fear data breaches from SME suppliers


Cyber Defense Magazine

The Human Element

Cyber Defense Magazine:


The UK has 'a long way to go' to be cyber secure - MP


SC Magazine

68% of boards not trained to deal with cyber-security incidents

SC Magazine:

Information Age

Tech Leaders Awards 2017 – finalists revealed

Information Age:

Legal IT Insider

CybSafe to place cybersecurity training at the heart of Law Society’s services for its members

Legal IT Insider:

Global Legal Post

Law Society partners with cybersecurity experts

Global Legal Post:

Your Expert Witness

CybSafe to place cyber security training at the heart of Law Society’s services for its members

Your Expert Witness:

the Association of MBAs

Protecting business in the Digital Age

the Association of MBAs:

Business Leader

What impact will GDPR have on businesses?

Business Leader:


You've got IT security in place, but how do you know if it works?



Cyber security: Large firms scrutinise SME suppliers’ defences


Small Business

Large organisations placing IT security demands on SME suppliers

Small Business:


Target: Enterprises are upping security demands on SME suppliers



Amber Rudd's proposals push for technology firms to tackle terror only deal with part of threat, experts warn


Information Age

Enterprise IT leaders demand more stringent cyber security from suppliers

Information Age:

Computer Weekly

Enterprises are upping security demands on SME suppliers

Computer Weekly:

Business Matters

SMEs supplying large firms asked to prove cyber security systems are in place

Business Matters:

Daily Mail

SMEs are increasingly asked by larger firms to show they have cyber security systems in place

Daily Mail:

IDG Connect

Meet the ex-Para making our online behaviour secure

IDG Connect:


Parliament cyber attack: Data breach under investigation after hackers target MPs' emails


GoCompare/Covered Magazine

Expert advice: how to protect your business from cyber attacks

GoCompare/Covered Magazine:

eHacking News

Irish energy networks targeted by hackers

eHacking News:

The Wharf

How CybSafe helps protect businesses from hackers by training employees to stay safe online

The Wharf:

Proactive marketing

11 franchise business experts reveal how to remove business barriers

Proactive marketing:


Hackers target Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board



Employees are your front-line defence against cyber attacks



What have recent cyber-attacks on our nation taught us?



Hackers target Irish energy networks amid fears of further cyber attacks on UK's crucial infrastructure


Finance Monthly

Your Thoughts: How Are Cyber Threats Damaging The Global Economy & Markets?

Finance Monthly:

SC Magazine

Becoming a cyber-security 'trusted vendor' will determine SME success

SC Magazine:

CybSafe: Oz Alashe “With cyber security an ever pressing global issue, a former lieutenant colonel wants to help safeguard employees from hackers by changing their behaviour”

Evening Standard

Meet London's new cyber security hack-busting squad

Evening Standard:


MPs’ emails shut down after widespread cyber attack



Blackmail fears after Parliament hit by 'sustained and determined' cyber attack on MPs' email network



Parliament hit by cyber attack as hackers attempt to access MPs' email accounts


Daily Mail

Fears MPs could be BLACKMAILED after Parliament is 'hacked by foreign state' amid claims security is so lax that even a McDonald's worker across the road knew the WiFi password

Daily Mail:

Financial News

Email prankster catches Morgan Stanley CEO with a fishy tale

Financial News:

Elite Franchise

How supplying cybersecurity training can turn workers into your greatest defence

Elite Franchise:


Talking Heads Q&A: Oz Alashe, founder, CybSafe


SME Magazine

How employees transform security from risk to reward

SME Magazine:

City A.M.

Conservative party campaign celebrates ambition at Canary Wharf fintech hub Level39

City A.M.:

Digitalisation World

Behavioural science and security

Digitalisation World:

IDG Connect

What we know, and don’t know, about GDPR

IDG Connect:

Financial News

Banks’ defences hold firm in global cyber attack

Financial News:

Enterprise Management 360

A podcast interview on EM360: - How to beat cyber crime within your organisation

Enterprise Management 360:

International Business Times

UK general election: Hacking a very real threat to British political parties and voters

International Business Times:

Financial News

Five simple ways to avoid getting Staley-ed

Financial News:

The Guardian

If Google and Facebook can get scammed, how do you protect a small business?

The Guardian:

SC Magazine

Hacking the UK general election might be possible but 'highly unlikely'

SC Magazine:


The UK's 13 most promising cybersecurity startups


Compare the Cloud

CybSafe uses Behavioural Science to Reduce Cyber Security Risk

Compare the Cloud:

Beta News

New platform uses behavioral science to cut cyber security risks

Beta News:

About us

We believe that people are important.

We believe that that addressing the human aspect of cyber security will have a disproportionate impact on the security of businesses, as well as the people and families that make up their technological ecosystem.

CybSafe is a cloud-based software company that helps companies take an intelligent approach to cyber security awareness so that their people and businesses can be safer online. It enables businesses to clearly address the human factor in cyber security helping them to reduce risk and save money.

CybSafe enhances cyber security by improving awarenesschanging behaviour and helping businesses to better understand their vulnerability and risk. This is done through a simple package based around GCHQ-accredited cyber security awareness training.

We do this so that fewer people fall victim to cyber crime; fewer businesses suffer loss as a result of cyber attacks; and fewer people are vulnerable as a result of their data not being looked after properly.

We know that up to 75% of cyber and data breaches are preventable and many occur as a result of poor cyber security practices, negligence and ignorance. CybSafe helps reduce the number of preventable breaches.

Conceptualised and founded in 2015, and officially launched in 2017 - CybSafe is based in London and has been guided and supported by TorchlightGroup, a global counter threat company with a unique understanding of complex human networks that specialises in informationintelligence and cyber resilience. TorchlightGroup helps clients to identify and address the threats they face within an increasingly interconnected, digitised and unpredictable world.

In 2017 CybSafe was admitted into Level39, the prestigious technology accelerator based in Canary Wharf.

Our Product 

CybSafe uses intelligent software and proprietary analytics to address the human aspect of cyber security. It delivers training with easily digestible information; training that adapts and evolves by using machine learning technology that goes beyond simple e-learning.

By radically changing the tick-box approach some organisations are taking CybSafe gives them the tools - blend of advanced technology, behavioural science and psychology and quality assured content - to demonstrably reduce the cyber risk they carry as a result of their people and those in their supply chain.

Brand Assets 

You can download the CybSafe logo below.


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