Our Story

We believe that no one should be the victim of a cyber attack simply because they don’t know the fundamentals of staying safe online.

We also believe that an intelligent approach to cyber security awareness training can help organisations and individuals be more secure.

Working alongside organisations to address high-end cyber-security challenges, it became increasingly apparent that very few of them focused on their most valuable asset – their people.

As cyber security experts, we recognised and understood the disproportionately positive impact that changing cyber security culture and online behaviour could make – for businesses and for their people. And it was clear to us that this could offer businesses the biggest "bang-for-their-buck" in the fight against cyber crime.

So we set about addressing the people-related cyber security challenge as a way to prevent businesses from suffering information security breaches and to enable their people to better protect themselves online – at home, work or play.

Cyber security awareness training is rarely done well

It is often over-complicated, presented as a "black-art", or delivered as a tick-box exercise with little thought to learning retention.

Too many people are overwhelmed or turned off by the deluge of technical information they have thrown at them. As a result, these people often are left feeling drained, fearful and fatigued by what they have been told.

Likewise, too many organisations don't have the resource, expertise or technical ability to deliver the highest standard of awareness training and, as a result, conduct tick-box training or do nothing at all.

We decided to do things differently

We knew that cyber security training didn’t need to be complicated. We also knew that it wasn't worth very much if it didn't change behaviour.

We knew that effective learning meant more interesting, engaging and easily accessible content. We understood that positively changing people’s behaviour would take time. We recognised that tracking trends and measuring impact could give businesses invaluable insight.

And because we believe that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, we’ve ensured CybSafe meets the high standards expected. GCHQ, IISP and CPD have accredited and certified CybSafe as cyber security training of the highest quality.

We’re not stopping here...

As cyber security challenges evolve over time, so will CybSafe. We will continually ensure that CybSafe develops to provide the latest and most relevant information, in the most effective manner.