What do we mean by an intelligent approach to cyber security awareness?


We mean cyber security awareness activity

that doesn't just deliver tick-box compliance training but:

Measure behaviour

Positively changes and helps you measure cyber security behaviour;

Cyber vulnerability

Helps you visualise the human factor cyber vulnerability within your organisation;

Demonstrate cyber security risk

Helps you demonstrably reduce your cyber risk;


Nests neatly into existing cyber security risk management controls and frameworks; 

Psychological theory

Is grounded in established psychology theory and behavioural science principles; 

Machine learning

Uses advancements in technology and machine learning capability to learn the best way to impart knowledge to your people;

Up to date course content

Uses constantly evolving and updated course content to ensure your people are best prepared to face the cyber threats that are specific to your industry;

Return on investment

Provides clear evidence of a return on your investment;

Supply chain assurance

Helps to assure your supply chain by helping you visualise and understand your suppliers’ approach to cyber security awareness;

Demonstrable results

Helps you demonstrate to customers, partners and regulators that you take cyber security awareness seriously

Engage staff

Provides a collaborative platform through which you can engage staff and generate an interest in cyber security;

Understand cyber security concerns

Enables you to better uncover and understand the cyber security concerns of your people and therefore the barriers to adoption your cyber security policies need to overcome.

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