What are the psychology theories and behavioural science principles behind Cybsafe?


CybSafe is a software tool built on a practical and scientific understanding of cyber resilience and behaviour change

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One of the reasons it is so effective at helping people and businesses be safer online is because it is grounded in psychology and behavioural science principles that can be applied to the practical realities of today's cyber challenges.

The psychology that underlies the changing of behaviours is complex and multifaceted. CybSafe's approach is therefore based on theories that acknowledge that behaviour change is most effective when an organisation's objectives are aligned with user objectives.

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Whether it is taking advantage of the way the mind works to yield change; (Prochaska-DiClemente “Stages of Change Model" )

Or theories that explore the common circumstance in which people struggle to behave in accordance with their positive desires - despite wanting to; (such as the Value-Action gap theory) 

Or theories which explore whether intent (or purpose) is enough to change behaviour; (such as the theory of planned behaviour


We believe that a cyber security awareness programme that takes an intelligent approach should take theories such as these into account. 

They should also be based on an understanding of how attitude, subjective norms and perceived behaviour control all impact intention. And then, how Intention impacts cyber security practices. 

CybSafe considers many theories and principles and constantly evolves to take advantage of the developments in those that are applicable.

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