CISOs & Security Managers

Today the role of the CISO or Information Security Manager is one of multiple competencies and responsibilities. Everything from leading policy direction and implementation to hiring a team to help fulfil the company’s security goals. Amongst the increasing time constraints and pressure to deliver measurable results sits a security awareness programme, often comprised of eLearning modules and phishing simulation emails.

Most CISOs know that security awareness is important, but they crave something that is impactful and really does reduce their people risk. CybSafe removes the need for CISOs to rely on shallow metrics from superficial awareness data and empowers them to take the guesswork and resource burden out of delivering a more robust set of awareness, behaviour and culture activities – measuring the impact they are having on their security posture.

Increase efficiency

Focus on improving the areas that will have the biggest impact

Eliminate uncertainty

Use data to ensure you make more confident security decisions

Greater visibility

Never be unsighted on where you are carrying risk across your people

Discover our next generation online security awareness platform

CybSafe’s intelligent platform has been designed to eliminate ambiguity and uncertainty around security Awareness, Behaviour and Culture. By eliminating the point solutions and shallow data used to make decisions around the human aspect of cyber security, the platform helps CISOs impact behaviours and attitudes more effectively, measure the impact their interventions are having on risk and provide easy access to support and assistance for end users.

“Using CybSafe we’ve been able to enhance our cyber security awareness strategy. Having the data and metrics available has enabled us to confidently make informed decisions and get tangible results regarding employee vigilance. We are able to act on the campaigns to ensure that we are focusing on the right areas which require attention and track our progress whilst doing so.”

Alexandre Pieyre

Group Information Security Leader, IQ-EQ


IT Managers

IT Managers are the unsung heroes of many organisations. Everything about a business operation relies on technology running smoothly and without disruption. Cyber security now also often falls within their remit, especially in smaller organisations who don’t have a dedicated security function. Security awareness, therefore, is often an afterthought, simply because of a lack of time or resources to address it impactfully.

CybSafe provides IT Managers an intelligent online security awareness platform that automates and tailors the delivery of a security awareness programme, and gives them the tools and capabilities they need to stay on top of the evolving threat landscape.

Automated delivery

Use intelligent automation to provide tailored support to each user

Improved understanding

Take the guesswork out of your human cyber risk profile

Confident decisions

Transparent and reliable metrics and data to support your strategy

Discover our next generation online security awareness platform

CybSafe’s intelligent platform has been designed to help IT Managers more effectively and impactfully influence user behaviours and attitudes in their organisation. Focusing on Awareness, Behaviour & Culture interventions, the platform intelligently tailors and responds to a variety of inputs to provide a unique experience to each user in your organisation. Instead of guesswork, you have total visibility of metrics and insights that help you to make more confident decisions about cyber risk.

“CybSafe has given our staff the tools they need to respond to cyber threats, delivered in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks that are adaptive depending on the different elements of the business. As a company that knows how important it is to keep client data safe this is imperative.”

Carl Bertram

IT Manager, Ascot Group


Security Awareness Professionals

Security Awareness Professionals have one of the hardest jobs in security – how do you engage, support and assist users in your organisation to become active contributors to cyber resilience? How do you gain a greater mindshare amongst everything else people are asked to do? How do you gain greater visibility and recognition of value with senior leaders?

CybSafe provides an answer to all these questions by delivering a suite of metrics and reporting data to report on things like behaviour change, advocacy, proactivity and more. It helps support the way you structure your wider security awareness programme, and complements your existing strategy with support & assistance tools at the point of need – going beyond just training & education.

Finally it connects the community of security and awareness professionals so they have access to a level of collective insight and support when it comes to influencing security behaviour and attitude, and measuring cyber security culture.

Measure impact

Understand what works and what doesn’t in your ABC activities

Community insights

Learn from your counterparts and capitalise on shared ideas and approaches

Report on effectiveness

Confidently report on successes to senior leaders to demonstrate value

Discover our next generation online security awareness platform

CybSafe’s intelligent platform has been designed to help Security Awareness Professionals be more visible, more impactful and more celebrated. Focusing on Awareness, Behaviour & Culture interventions, the platform gives you access to a raft of behavioural science and community insights to help you not just implement more scientifically-proven approaches to your ABC programme, but to measure and report on the impact they have had on security posture.

“CybSafe is just another level. It provides us with really robust metrics that help us measure where our people are. Their behaviours as well as their attitudes…”

Caroline Bansraj

Global Cyber Security Education & Awareness, Credit Suisse


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