Publication guidelines

How this works

  • You produce and host your content
  • You send us a link to your content
  • We review your content
  • If your content is selected for publication, we’ll include a preview of your content and a link to the full submission
  • We will let you know if your submission is selected for publication

Topics we’re interested in

  • Security awareness, behaviour and culture. Obviously!
  • Measuring and changing security behaviours
  • Practical applications of people-centric security
  • Security culture
  • Guidance for awareness, behaviour and culture professionals

What to avoid

  • Content that frames people as ‘the weakest link’
  • Content that is derogatory or offensive to others
  • Clickbait headlines: e.g, “These 5 things will instantly improve your awareness programme”
  • Aggressive call-to-actions throughout and at the end of your content
  • Heavy self-promotion: talking about your business is okay, but don’t let it turn your audience off

Resources to help improve your writing

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